Sunday, 3 April 2011

Welcome to America, go big or get the fuck out

So, Middle Class Crisis of the day?  My TV is too big for my miniscule sitting room.  Seriously it's massive, look:

It could occupy the chaise longue all on its own.  And I'm pretty sure that pound for pound it weighs more than me.  But why, you ask, would I purchase such a monstrosity?  Well apart from the fact that I will now have a life-size Ed Westwick in my home at the mere flick of a button (does this make me an Armchair Cougar?), we can blame the fact that I don't understand the size of anything in inches (a bonus for the boys, I'm sure you'll agree...)  Believe me however, when I tell you that nobody needs 42 inches.  No, no... not even you.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, specially when it's layed down on the floor like this...
    But the good thing with a so big TV is maybe that things you see on it seem bigger too, no? (Are you thinking to the same thing as me, naughty girl?...;-)
    See you soon!