Wednesday, 6 April 2011

From the musically sublime... to the ridiculous

Today is a good day for musical hard-ons.  The Arctic Monkeys are performing at the Hollywood Palladium in June and are being supported by The Vaccines.  Good god I think I may faint with horny musical anticipation.

In the meantime, the Future Director and I are going to see er, Bryan Adams.  This, my friends, is revving up to be one weird Saturday night out.  For a start we are dining at The Cheesecake Factory (Did you need the weird digital hostess on their website?  Negative.), which is an offence to France in itself.  France representing all that is holy about gastronomy, The Cheesecake Factory representing everything that is wrong with America in a restaurant.  Then of course there is the serenade to Kevin Costner that will follow.  I am trying not to judge, but all I can see is this:

Is that much leather a turn on?  I think I need to take a cold shower and stop thinking about The Vaccines...


  1. I know this will sound weird but apparently their salads are great.

    Hmm, yes, does sound unlikely.

  2. You say that, but The Yank and I shared one over a ladies lunch in San Francisco and it was many shades of wrong. Not so much a salad as a bowl of dressing with a drowning lettuce in the centre. Not what I understand to be a liquid lunch...