Thursday, 21 April 2011

The philosophy of less, is more

I'm a pretty black and white kinda gal, so really doing things in halves is not an option.  Which is why I feel obliged to stick my neck out and just tell America:  no.  Is it too much to ask that for once you think (really, that's a request in itself...), and then go full fat?  Why is it necessary to ruin the pleasure of eating in order to eat more?  There's just no logic to it.

Take for example this:

Why would you eat a sugar-free cupcake?  Why would you not just eat the full sugar version, but in smaller quantities?

Now consider this:

Part of a VEGETARIAN diet?!  Are the meanings of their words different as well as their pronunciation?

And lastly, this: 
ORGANIC?!  It's supposed to be made out of shit.  That's the whole point of a hot-dog!!!

Feast your eyes on how it really should be done.
No, I couldn't eat a whole one either...

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