Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Because a dog got an agent before me...

It all started with this:

Let me put you out of your misery.  This dog looks exactly like the dog in Turner and Hooch.  I know this because I wasted minutes of my life debating what film the dog had starred in with the Handsome Neighbour whilst out shopping.  This, my friends, takes Hollywood star-spotting fuckery to a whole other level; one I am not entirely sure I am proud of.  Of course, neither of us could remember the name of the movie which is why, sober as a judge on an average Wednesday, I find myself IMDb-ing a dog... 

FYI, this is not the dog that starred in Turner and Hooch, that dog died in 1992, with more film credits to his name than I and most of the waiters in this town.  Why must this be?

Now I think of it, the dogs are everywhere.  Take a recent copy of the intellectually trying 'Star' magazine.  Breaking news... this dog also has an agent (and someone signed off on copy about it):

And this one gets to hang out on set:

I think I'll just give up now and write a screenplay about an American that inherits a frog's legs factory.  That should sell...

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