Saturday, 9 April 2011

The cliché is dead, long live the cliché

Whilst in a class on how to flog the same idea reworked and packaged with sponsorship from McDonalds (aka Marketing Entertainment: Strategies for the Global Marketplace), I learned that there is a film about to shoot in France in which an American will inherit a snail farm and thus have to move to France.  Really?  Who has written this?  Has the writer ever been to France?  Because this to me seems like the laziest concept to be pulled out of a writer's ass for a long time; I'm sure they were very handsomely paid...

Anyway, as much as I want to get on my soapbox and demand why you must all tarnish France with the same garlic coated brush, there is something irrisistabley easy about the French (draw from that what you will...).  So today, as I sit in Le Pain Quotidien roaming the free wifi from Hooters across the street (metaphor for?) I have decided to magnanimously share with you two of the most hilarious clips about France I have recently viewed.     God I miss Paris.

The American perspective, courtesy of Saturday Night Live:

And the British, merci, Catherine Tate:

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