Thursday, 5 January 2012

911 they killed Montgomery!

Here are a few pearls of wisdom I can share with you; some call it "hindsight".

When calling emergency services to report a car crash don't hysterically bleet down the 'phone "They killed Montgomery", unless of course Montgomery is a human being.  Because to them, the Coppers, in Los Angeles this usually signals a shooting.

I'm not sure the line "they've completely fucked him up the ass" helped to clarify matters either... 

And so it was to the scene, sirens blaring, that the police car pulled up to find a Los Angeles County public works truck and a rear ended black Mazda Miata, who goes by the name of Montgomery...

I suppose I could regale you with the tale of how I wailed to Officer Bonner (all it takes is a dropped 'n') on the corner of Hope Street whilst four Mexican municipal workers stood back for cover, but I won't.  I'll simply leave you with this, the full legal name of the Mexican that drove into the back of my precious:


Yes, that's right Ladies and Gentlemen, she's back, you can blame Jesus, and it's going to get nasty...


  1. Ouch! Poor Montgomery and poor you? Christmas!?!

  2. Oh No! Is Monty damaged beyond repair? More importantly, I hope you're not too shaken up (although "they've completely fucked him up the ass" did make me LMAO so you must be OK).