Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Be British, mock marriage

So it's a very auspicious time for the institution of marriage right now as two delectably charming gentlemen - the Hopa and ONW (the One that's Named after a Wine) - have dropped a knee and succumbed to the charms of their future good lady wives.  Unfortunately they now have to suffer the months of dreaded WED-min.  It's a term invented by two accountants I know.  Nuff said.

Boys, behold a sanity check I see before me...

hmmm, mouthwatering fish tacos and margaritas in a tiny restaurant on the first floor overlooking the cathedral in Mexico City; the most sumptuous plate of parma ham I have ever eaten in a trattoria in Cannaregio, Venice; squid fished out of the sea straight onto the boat deck, thrown onto the grill, salt, pepper, lemon juice, whilst watching the sunset over the volcanic Aeolian Islands, Sicily...


  1. It doesn't count as wedmin if it's the Hopa and I drinking beer and generating a long list of things we WON'T do, right? (sugared almonds, veil, reception line up, white dress, etc ad nauseum). I like the 'happiest day' video.

  2. No, I think the presence of cold lager, a grill and that deck probably make it the happiest Wedmin of your life :)

  3. FMH = Spanner fiancee?! I'm sure Ed Byrne would have something to say about this.,1229238447,10/stock-photo-spanner-with-dollar-s-bundle-21982465.jpg