Friday, 25 March 2011

If not Don Draper, then who?

So I'm sitting in Barnes and Noble after a long urban hike and whilst I am supposed to be working, I am multi-tasking by tuning in on the conversation next to me. You say eavesdropping, I say character study. It's like Melanie Griffith said whilst pushing a dim-sum cart in Working Girl (career high...) "you never know where the big ideas could come from."

In this case there was no big idea, just big breasts on the ridiculously tiny Asian woman (I say mid-fifties, her resume and her plastic surgeon would tell you otherwise) listening intently to the musings of an overweight, badly-dressed 'photographer' on the importance of capturing the essence of one's subject.  I'm guessing that if your fanny (American or British meaning of the word?  Either will do here.) is in focus, that's all the essence he needs...  Of course, she had her agent with her (purpose served, fluffer?) who looked like a wet behind the ears trainee lawyer. Anyway, I believe we have established what I think they were trying to accomplish; but I swear to you, the next character I have to write into a screenplay will be this guy.  Don Draper may have his charms, but Porn Agent aged 20, now there's a character I want to have a beer with.

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