Saturday, 26 March 2011

As we move seamlessly from Jane Birkin to Lauren Hutton: the good karma of celebrity sightings

Before I left I was, as you know, having a love-in with France (like all tempestuous affairs, it was short lived and expensive, I just paid my fucking tax bill...).  And on one of my romantic midnight strolls through Saint Germain after a dinner at the Maison des Polytechniciens (speaker:  Fran├žois Heisbourg, a leading authority on world strategy; most retained quote of the evening from said speaker:  "Well have you come to quote articles from the Economist to me or do you want to listen to what I have to say on the matter?"  And no, it was not in reference to a question posed by The Euro, I had checked out somewhere in between the crisis in Egypt and the situation in Iran and was casting a comedy desert war drama starring various members of my table (N.B. it's always a comedy war drama when the French are involved, it just is...))  I spied Jane Birkin.

Now, I don't usually get excited about celebrity spots, partly because I never see anyone until it's too late.  Case in point:  when entering a club in Madrid a few years ago some chavvy looking doorman in a tux opened the door for me after a skinny woman in a bright dress left as we were arriving.  That chavvy looking doorman was David Beckham and the skinny looking bird?  His not so well-known wife.  I was only alerted to the fact after the event when my friend kicked me on the arse and asked if I had noticed who that was.  At least I had given him a polite but cursory thank you...

So Jane, glorious, accented, wonderful Jane B.  She was my last and only true celeb sighting in all my years living in Paris, and was out walking the most handsome bulldog on rue de Seine.  I don't normally get excited about dogs either, but perhaps it was the exceptionally dry after dinner musings that had whetted my appetite for the moister things in life, if dogs and Jane Birkin can be described as such...

Anyway, today in the Venice farmer's market we came full circle and I spotted my first celebrity  since the move:  Lauren Hutton.  I'm sure you'll agree that such a smooth segway from Jane Birkin to Lauren Hutton has to be some sort of good omen?  Mais oui.  

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