Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pajama Jeans: scourge of the modern american ass

The Yank insists that we watch Fox News; to me, it feels like an anthropology experiment.   It was the same when I tried to explain the British democratic system to the Americano.  He couldn't understand why we thought a hung parliament was not a good thing.  'Because if we left things that way nothing would ever get done.'  'But that's great' he retorts, 'nobody wants government to interfere in our lives by actually doing anything.'  For the good of our friendship we have a moratorium on discussions about universal health care...

Anyway, I bit my tongue,  turned my attention to the advertising, and happened upon THE PAJAMA JEAN:

WHO buys these?!?  

If ever there was a trouser that perfectly captured  the phrase you are what you eat, this is it, and honey it looks like a rotten lettuce in a tea towel.  Since when did it become sartorially acceptable to just give up?  They are the fashion equivalent of a coffin for your body because surely enrobing yourself in these is like saying, ignore me, I'm done?  Karl Lagerfeld uses these people on his shooting range, I'm sure of it...

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