Thursday, 20 January 2011

My other home's the Chateau Marmont

So this is the kind of crisis I like.  Because my Malibu residence is closed all day for waterproofing and other heavy building work, I have decamped to the Chateau Marmont to work.  Here's my desk.

And the view above my desk:

 I'd like to say that this falls into the category of 'middle-class crisis of the day' (you know, like when you are having a bad day because Waitrose have run out of fettucine) but it's really not the case, this takes pretentious crisis to a whole other level:  the LA Standard.  It's akin to the time that the Hopa had a tantrum because his regular Sushi chef was not at his local restaurant.  Now THAT's when you know you are drinking the LA Kool-Aid.  I wonder if there's rehab for people that leave LA?  Seems to me like he's going to need it given he's about to move to New York...  Good luck with that!

In pictures:  a really hard life...


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