Thursday, 13 January 2011

The who how to what for why.

Hemingway? Hollywood? The combination? An explanation? Really? OK here we go.

On a dull Boxing Day in Paris, The Yank, The Twinkie and I convened for poker and a round or two of serendipity at The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz, presided over, as ever, by the delectable service of Colin, who is, obviously, English. Colin is the best bartender in Paris (nay the World), and a Serendipity is apparently Johnny Depp's favourite cocktail, so who am I to argue? Anyway dull details aside (or perhaps they may be left for a book...) we ended up with a personal invite from the General Manager of the Ritz to celebrate NYE with the hoi-polloi chez Ernest. And so, over a bottle of the Widow, (translation for the uninitiated: Veuve Cliquot, champagne of champions), as the bells rang in 2008, I promised them I would write. Screenplays, of course. Emulation, not imitation, bien sur... and er Hollywood bound, where else?

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