Monday, 28 February 2011

Kill my banker online game

And it gets worse...

I have a closet litigator within who likes to make an appearance every once in a while when Disco Dorothy (that's my inner gay man to you) is at the spa, she's the yang to his yin if you like.  Anyways, she tends to man up only when absolutely necessary, and today she had a field day...

In the last hour and a half on the phone to HSBC in both France and the US (I'd add in the 'Premier' part but that would be false advertising) I have spoken to Jackie, Melanie, Renee (haargh really, that's my bad date code name, and people are actually called that!), Edgar, and some dude in India whose name I never got.  After receiving incorrect information from France re the US and the US re France,  I found myself having a transatlantic three-way with Jackie and Edgar (and no, were it to involve activities of a horizontal nature you'd not be giving it a ten).  Given the length and depth of their incompetence there was a beauteous moment where I just gave up and looked elsewhere for ways to amuse myself, and thus, a search on google was born.

First shot was this:  banker duck shotgun game which netted the following result Duck Hunt

Then as their dithering stagnated into backtracking (fully against the commandments of Gallego) I cut to the chase and tried this:  kill my banker online game which spat out this work of art:  Spank the Banker (click on the image below to play)

 Really, could you ask for anything more whilst on hold? 

Anyway, at some point whilst I was getting ever closer to splat power 400, they transferred a huge wadge of cash to my new landlord and well, I am now a Venice (that's CA, not EU) resident.  Adventures in house p$rn will surely follow; clean ones, about decorating...

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