Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In which I wrestle with my inner gay man

You see I say that, but really, I only know one gay man that might actually have this dream, and he choreographs the dance routines at EuroDisney, so it's an unfair tarnish on the collective wonderfulness of the gays by imagining that their brains could even produce this shit.  It's just my inner gay man that clearly has an obsession with high-school dance-offs and overweight past it divas.  Which segways nicely into what I dreamt of last night:  Mariah Carey.    I know, and it gets worse:  Mariah Carey singing in a slave drama about a bad white farmer who beats a slave girl who then has a vision of Mariah Carey descending from heaven with a choir to 'sooth' the victim with her music... Googling 'lobotomists London' now...

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