Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Alex and Liam do Walmart or the British fascination with liquid cheese

Lucus Magnus posted this on his facebook page and I have shamefully purloined his link in order to bring you what is ostensibly a recreation of an outing the Future Director and I had whilst on a cultural foray into the wilds of the Joshua Tree National Park in May. 

You see, I had never been in a Wal-Mart either and shockingly, I have to say that I was 200 greenbacks lighter once we had passed through the till.  How exactly remains somewhat a mystery but the following items were purchased and have had varied degrees of utility / success:

- a portable coolbox on wheels so big that it does not fit in the back of my two-seater sportscar...
- a selection of CDs for five dollars that included:  The Best of Alabama 3; and an Eighties compilation that I believe is called something like Awesome!  Eighties... (the fact that it's not just to hand to verify the title says all you need to know)

Still, at least we avoided the liquid cheese...

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