Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Greece is on strike; the Yank is due to arrive in Athens

This is a disappointing result for the summer playground known as Europe.  The Yank is due to arrive there sometime today and I fear that her dreams of the Acropolis may be somewhat shattered, or at least, according to the BBC, smothered in tear gas.

This is a sub-optimal result for me given that every time I mention the wonders of the socialist system to Americans they counter-attack with jokes about striking that I tend to poo-poo as an anomaly known only to France.  Twas not to be.

Rather than rail any further , I prefer to use a more subtle weapon in the armory of Europe:  Stephen Fry.  Ha!  Don't tell me you can resist us now...

Why was Alexander so Great?

The Spartans

They say of the Acropolis...

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  1. John Humphrys on the Today programme: Greece is the cradle of European democracy it may turn out to be the coffin of European finance...