Monday, 9 May 2011

Embracing the Nanny State and the Flabby Arse...

Recently La Bella Milanese (LBM) sent me a photo that was so incredulous I was forced to question the sanity of the American people:


Really, how lazy do you have to be? And who thought of these? And may I ask why? Seriously, what is wrong with America? You have been born with a hip joint, may I cordially suggest you use it?

So commenced a week of jaw dropping disbelief. The more I tried to prove myself wrong, the more evidence I found to affirm my assumption that Californians like to outsource everything, especially thinking. Take for example this delightful sign from the Joshua Tree National Park:

Dare I say, no shit Sherlock, grappling a cactus may not be the smartest move in the book, but surely common sense should tell you that, without the need for the Parks Authority to erect a sign?

And then there's this:
'Natural Fitness'. As opposed to what? Unnatural Fitness?

And there's more, as seen at the cash desk of Urban Outfitters:

This poses a problem, I imagine, for all the vegan leather trouser-wearers out there; and causes me to question why, when California is, to use a technical term, completely in the shit, intelligent (I use the term loosely but one assumes they have been in some way elected to office and thus could scratch a brain cell every once in a while) lawmakers are wasting time legislating against faux-leather goods...

And before you get on your high-horse and claim that this is just a small minority of this global super-power (USA! USA!), consider this:

It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?  
~Ronald Reagan

Didn't someone say that the most recent financial crisis has its roots in the... oh yes, now I see...

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