Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Back it up back it up like a Tonka truck...

Yes, we're still in LA, so clearly, it's still all about cars.  And because when you have two hands on the wheel your range of distractions is somewhat limited, I have taken to studying the lyrics of rap songs.

Jay-Z and Kanye released their new album 'Watch the Throne' (title: FAIL) this week so let's start with them shall we.  Song three, title: 'Ni**as in Paris', contains the delightful gem:

'She said yeah can we get married at the mall... Come and meet me in the bathroom stall; and show me why you deserve to have it all.'

Also known as an offer you can refuse.  Kanye West is the only rapper that could put Maison Martin Margiela in a rap and take himself seriously.

Next up:

'Back it up back it up like a Tonka truck'

Presumably this is because Tonka trucks are particularly well known for their reversing capabilities?

This shit's from Jennifer Lopez and a friend of her's named Pitbull (who would presumably eat Rabbit and Ping Ping for breakfast), and that's all you need to know.  But whilst searching You Tube to verify that the lyrics were correct and it wasn't just the roar of Montgomery's engine that had led me to mishear, I came across this hot mess:

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of seeing Brits on holiday this is pretty much the shame our nation inflicts on Spain every summer.  It's all about dancing with your top off but your socks still on...

And finally:

'Black car, black rims, black skirt, black skin'

I can't find out who exactly is responsible for this masterpiece, but is it me or isn't there something inherently strange about matching your girlfriend to your car based on skin colour?  If this catches on as a trend I am going to be left in a very difficult situation, because really, I would never date a man that drove a bronze car...

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