Wednesday, 22 June 2011

USA: Toothless Dystopia?

There are occasions when I question what I am doing here, and moreover, what everyone else is doing here. As Colin Quinn has pointed out, why don't all the Mexicans go to Canada?  They have free healthcare there, and education that doesn't require you to put a price on your head.  But still, they come.

My anger with this allegedly great nation came to its peak yesterday when talking to The Future Director.  A 29-year old woman who was seriously contemplating having her own tooth pulled out because she couldn't afford the cost of having a crown put in.  This is surely not a normal state of affairs?  And if she is thinking that way, how many other low-income families in America are suffering with the same dilemma?  They say the British hold the NHS up like a religion but really, why not?  From where I'm sitting, it's a God-send.


  1. Go NHS!
    Without the NHS none of my daugter and I would be here today... received the best care for free. I will never complain paying national insurance contributions ever again!

  2. Agreed! Definitely a case of you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Certain British politicians might wish to try a vacation in California, get sick, and get back to me re their plans for healthcare reform...